Let’s Chat: A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson

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Let’s Chat: A Pound of Flesh by Sophie JacksonA Pound of Flesh
by Sophie Jackson
Series: A Pound of Flesh #1
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster Audio
Narrator: Grace Grant
Length: 14 hrs 4 mins
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Source: Publisher
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Lose your heart to your new bad boy book boyfriend. Wes Carter - sexy, edgy, behind bars, with emotional scars as permanent as the ink on his skin, just waiting to be healed by love...

Fans of Samantha Young, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Jamie McGuire, Katy Evans and Prison Break will find this powerful love story utterly addictive and unforgettable.

Their love is forbidden. But won't be denied... Can true love heal the deepest scars?

For Kat Lane, teaching inmates at a New York prison is her way of upholding the legacy of her beloved father, murdered fifteen years ago. But when new student Wes Carter walks into her classroom, she's shaken by the strength of her attraction to him. Carter is as handsome as he is dangerous, as mysterious as he is quick-witted - and he ensures people keep their distance. Yet vibrant Kat bypasses his defences and challenges him to reveal the real man behind the intimidating reputation. As their emotional barriers crumble, their inescapable but forbidden feelings cannot be ignored. But will Kat's discovery of Carter's role on the night her father died force them apart...or bind their hearts for ever?

A Pound of Flesh is a tale of loyalty, redemption and all-consuming love against the odds, introducing an irresistible bad boy hero...


“The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is dearly bought; ’tis mine and I will have it.” —The Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene 1

A captivating forbidden romance involving a felon, his tutor, and the world standing in their way of true love. Wes Carter is a broken shell of a man.  He’s been in and out of prison more times than he can count in his twenty-seven years, and he’s never known how to live a “normal” life.  He’s arrogant, violent, and takes out his aggression (far too often) in the form of physical violence, and usually it’s behind bars.  He has no desire to better himself, despite his extreme intelligence, and instead lives life in the system where he feels he belongs.  When he first meets his tutor, Kat, he’s instantly attracted to her beauty, as well as her brains.  She challenges him, makes him think, and definitely gets his motor running.  Kat, who’s spending her life as a teacher, paying it back to the world as she promised her father she would, appears strong and put together on the outside, but is a complete mess within.  She’s still grieving the loss of her father, which is the result of witnessing his murder as a young child.  She can’t get the scene out of her head, nor can she stop thinking about the eleven-year-old child who saved her life, grabbing her from the scene and taking her to safety.

“She had no idea what it was about him. He was, after all, just like the other men she taught. Well, that wasn’t exactly true; he was a lot more combative and exceedingly more aggressive and — she winced at the thought — a lot more attractive, too. She tried hard not to see him in any other way than as her student, but it was too hard to ignore the man who drove her crazy.”

So let’s take a look at how I felt about this book, shall we?


  • The forbidden romance pull.  I’m a sucker for all things forbidden in the romance world.
  • The intense chemistry between Kat and Carter was undeniable.  That’s quite common in the forbidden world, but still I drank it all up.
  • The strong focus on discrimination, especially when it comes to felons.  We often see discrimination when it comes to race and gender, but rarely when it comes to a person’s criminal record.
  • This is part of a companion series.  ALL KINDS OF YESSSSSSS!!!  I’m such a standalone girl for the most part, but the only exception is companion series.  Oh, how I love that!
  • The depth, the twists and turns, and the shock value.  This story really had it all.  I’m not one to think ahead when reading, I just go with the story from page to page… and this story kept catching me off guard, throwing me for a loop.


  • The length.  I don’t do well with books over 350 pages, and this topped in at almost 450!  The only saving grace was that I chose the audio route.  I probably wouldn’t haven’t made it all the way through if I had chose to read it instead.

This was such a great story, and so different than I had expected.  It was heartbreakingly honest, a real look at discrimination and the way judging people can really affect others’ lives.  It’s wittiness and charm took this severe and important story to a whole new level.  Book 1.5 in this series, a novella titled Love and Always, was released August 3rd and gives us a bit more of Kat and Carter.  I will definitely be reading this one soon.  Though A Pound of Flesh can be read as a standalone and leaves us with complete closure, I’m still looking forward to another glimpse into their lives. If you’re looking for a romance that will keep you invested 100%, this is a book you won’t want to miss.


Grace Grant is one of my very favorite narrators of all time. She continues to impress me with her flawless performances, strong character differentiation, and intense emotional portrayal of each character, no matter how involved it may be. She’s a narrator that I seek out specifically, and will even listen to books narrated by her that I otherwise never would have read. This book was no exception. I wasn’t sure about this one at first glance, but once I saw Grace was narrating it, I grabbed it up. I would DEFINITELY recommend going the audio route with this one.


One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star


About Sophie Jackson

Sophie is an English teacher from Chorley in North West England. As a child she read and wrote furiously, and continued to scratch that creative itch as an adult when, in 2008, she began contributing to the web’s leading fan fiction site after reading the Twilight series. Sophie wrote and posted a number of stories, chapter by chapter, and built up an impressive following. Now, after 4.5 million reads online, A Pound of Flesh is available in print for the first time.




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  • This is completely new to me but it does look great! Glad the audio version was done nicely.

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed it. Can’t go wrong with Grace Grant! 🙂

  • I’ll pass on this one. I don’t do bad boys. The comparison to Jamie McGuire turned me off.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it though. 🙂

    • I can understand that. It’s not for everyone. 🙂 Thanks, Kate!

  • I wanted to like this one so much more than I did. I loved it at first when they were still in the prison setting but once he got out, I feel like there was just too much going on and not enough realism when it came to his parole. You’re right though, the chemistry was undeniable. But I just wish there was more.

    • I can totally understand that. The parole stuff was a little far-fetched. Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one more, Ashley. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • I also have some trouble with longer books, particularly in the contemporary genre where I know the book could have probably been trimmed a bit. Still, the positive aspects sound great and a forbidden romance gets me every time, too 😉

    • It seems like so many books are over that 350 mark lately, and I just can’t do it. I love when books are shorter and get more to the point. Longer books definitely have that feeling (usually) where they could have been trimmed down a bit. Thanks so much, Alise! 🙂

  • This sounds really good and something I know I will love. I love a forbidden romance.

    • I haven’t read many forbidden romances yet, but I really did enjoy this one. I’m looking forward to more of this series for sure! 🙂

  • I’d never heard of this one, but it does sound quite good. I also really like companion novels rather than straight up sequels these days. Thanks so much for sharing! I like the title – Shakespeare fan though. hah


    • Thanks so much, Lauren! 🙂

  • I read this and quite enjoyed it, although I have to admit that the nickname really bugged me! Every time he called her Peaches, I cringed. But I did enjoy this, even if it did feel a bit too long to me as well.

    • Haha, I wasn’t a huge fan of the nickname either. I’m hoping the next in the series is shorter. 🙂