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What a fun topic! I pondered on this quite a bit and came up with my Top Ten Authors that I would love to see pair up and make an epic duo… or in one case a trio 😉
TTT author pairs
Colleen Hoover & KA Tucker
These are probably my two favorite Authors! I love everything that they write! I have no idea what they would write together, but I would love to read it!!

Morgan Matson & Kasie West
These two queens of YA have captured my heart individually and together I think they would be awesome!

Abbi Glines & Christina Lauren
Ok so this is where the trio comes into play 🙂 Since Christina Lauren is already a duo! These ladies do NA and Adult romance so well that I would love to experience the steamy hotness if they all teamed up as a trio!!

Chelsea Fine & Cora Carmack
Both of these ladies have written some of my favorite NA contemporaries! They have sweet romances with just the right amount of angst and sarcasm! I would love to see what they write together!

Jennifer Armentrout & Sarah J Maas
I am currently reading White Hot Kiss and Throne of Glass and loving them both! I couldn’t help but think of these two when I saw this topic! With all of the creativity and world building I am experiencing right now from each of them, I would LOVE to see what they could come up with together!

Those are my top five writing duos! Are any of these on your list? If not, who did you pick?!


This week’s list was a little tricky for me. It’s hard for me to imagine what would come of two authors that I love so much. So I just decided to pick some of my faves that I think would compliment each other’s work.

So for duos that I think would totally rule the book world, I went with these:
ttt author duos



Since I read very few fantasy books, this one seemed to jump out at me. Sarah J. Mass & Julie Kawaga are two of the few fantasy authors that were able to really interest me. I think together they could create something extremely unique and overly enjoyable.

YA Contemporary:

Katie McGarry & Kristi Cook are two YA authors that I really enjoy. Though McGarry is a little more edgy than Cook, I think her influence on Cook’s writing would turn their joint story into something fantastic.

OF COURSE I had to pick my two favorite contemporary authors, Morgan Matson & Emery Lord. They are very similar, in my opinion. And though they’re basically perfect on their own, together they could most definitely blow my mind.

NA Romance:

Two new authors I’ve discovered this year are Brighton Walsh & Karina Halle. Their romances always seem to have a little something different involved, which I really enjoy. The surprises they could come up with together would be epic.

K.A. Tucker & Chelsea Fine write the BEST characters. I fall for their swoony guys every time and long to be BFF’s with their girls. These characters smooshed together into one story… YES, PLEASE!!


Thanks for stopping by our Top Ten Tuesday today! What author duo would be utter perfection for you?



Lisa & Becca

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  • I really like the idea of Colleen Hoover and K.A Tucker. I wonder what they’d come up with! Great choices!

  • Great list! These Author could make great books with amazing characters! K.A. Tucker has been on the last two list I read! Please feel free to stop by mine. Happy Reading!

  • Oooh awesome choices! 😀

    Also I’d love to see a collab from Sarah J. Maas and Marissa Meyer or one from Marissa Meyer with V.E. Schwab.

  • Oh, I would definitely read a book co-written by Jennifer Armentrout & Sarah J Maas or Sarah J. Mass & Julie Kawaga. I am sure such cooperations would have amazing results 🙂

  • Hmm, some interesting combos there! Nice list.

  • OOh nice! I like the duos with SJM! I loved her ACOTAR, though couldn’t get into ToG sadly. But still love this author!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • I would read a Morgan Matson/Kasie West or a Morgan Matson/Emory Lord book instantly! How about all 3 together. 🙂

  • Great picks ladies. I like the idea of Sara J Mass and Jennifer Armentrout, that could be interesting.

  • Oh my heck yes to so many of these! I would love for all these authors to get together too!

  • Katie McGarry and Kristin Cook- that’s an interesting combination! I love it though! From what I’ve read from both authors, I think they’ll write some swoony YA romances together! Also, Morgan and Kasie would write wonderful light-hearted books together. Adore those two and their books SO much!

  • Amy

    Great picks. I especially would like to see this one- Abbi Glines & Christina Lauren.
    I have Colleen Hoover on my list too but paired up with someone different. <3

  • I did a triangle instead of a duo with Tucker, Hoover and Webber 🙂 Also, I paired Lord with West! I think this week let our imagination run wild 😉

  • Hi there 🙂 I randomly just stumbled across your blog – it’s awesome!

    Haha, these are some great combinations! I would love a Sarah J Maas and Jennifer Armentrout combination. It’s great that you guys are both reading Throne of Glass – I’ll be looking forward to reading what you think! 🙂 I’ve also had White Hot Kiss sitting in my Kindle for ages now, I really need to read it!

    Great post!

  • I think every TTT I’ve looked at has had a Morgan Matson match up. I think I better go check out her books! I’m feeling out of the loop!

  • Both of your choices are absolutely fantastic! These authors would all work so, so well together and their books would be mind-blowing. I especially like the pairings of Sarah J. Maas & Julie Kawaga (those two would write an incredible fantasy story!) and Morgan Matson & Kasie West (I love their books separately, but I can imagine them being amazing as a team). Thanks for sharing Lisa and Becca and, as always, fabulous choices! <3

  • lots of yes to Jennifer Armentrout & Sarah J Maas and Morgan Matson & Kasie West and K.A. Tucker & Chelsea Fine. great list.

  • Hi! I still have to read a Morgan Matson book! Great list 🙂
    My TTT

  • Morgan Matson + Kasie West = OF COURSE. Seriously, why has that not happened? What a dream that would be. And Morgan Matson & Emery Lord sounds super cool, too! So many brilliant collabs waiting to happen! 😀

  • Oh, I love the idea of Morgan Matson pairing up with someone. I have read a Kasie West book yet but I’ve heard about her cute, fluffy contempories so they’d probably match with it well! I think my perfect duo would be Maggie Stiefvater and Libba Bray, their writing styles together would be perfection!

  • I agree, I would read Colleen Hoover’s and KA Tucker’s grocery lists! They are that awesome, and I always pre-order all their books.
    Great lists, ladies 🙂

  • It’s so interesting that the two of you picked several of the same authors but didn’t match them together in the same way! Sarah J. Maas is by far the most popular author I’ve seen appearing on this week’s TTT posts!