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Welcome to my stop on The Libby Garrett Intervention Blog Tour! Today I’m so excited to share my thoughts on this fun YA contemporary with you, along with the chance to win with a tour-wide giveaway! Thanks for stopping by!

Blog Tour | My Thoughts + Giveaway: The Libby Garrett Intervention by Kelly OramThe Libby Garrett Intervention
by Kelly Oram
Release Date: October 24th 2015
Publisher: Bluefields
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Blog Tour Host
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Libby Garrett is addicted to Owen Jackson's hot lovin'. But the sexy, popular college basketball player doesn't appreciate all of Libby's awesomeness. He refuses to be exclusive or even admit to people that they're dating. The relationship is ruining Libby and she's the only one who can't see it.

When Libby's behavior spirals completely out of control, her best friend Avery Shaw and the rest of the Science Squad stage an intervention hoping to cure Libby of her harmful Owen addiction. They put her through her very own Twelve Step program-Owen's Anonymous-and recruit the help of a sexy, broody, hard as nails coffee man to be her official sponsor.


Adam Koepp has watched Libby Garrett for years. How could he not notice the sassy girl with the purple skateboard and helmet plastered with cat stickers? But in all the years he's crushed on her, Libby has failed to take notice of him. Why would she when he was just a nobody high school drop out who served her apple cider several times a week? Especially when she was hooking up with a guy like Owen Jackson-a guy with a college scholarship and more abs than Kyle Hamilton.

Adam finally gets the chance to meet Libby when his co-worker Avery Shaw recruits him to take Libby on the journey of a lifetime. With his ability to play Bad Cop and his experience with the Twelve Step program he's the perfect candidate to be Libby's sponsor. But will he be able to keep his personal feelings out of the matter and really help her the way she needs? And will Libby hate him when he forces her to take an honest look at herself?


Libby has turned into a completely different person since she started hanging out with a college jock, Owen. She’s changed her clothes, died her hair, and even started ignoring her friends. She’s unaware of her changes until she’s confronted by her friends who have an intervention to give Libby and ultimatum… either she ditch Owen, or they’ll no longer have anything to do with her.

The truth was, I’d become a horrible person. I’d become irresponsible, selfish, and unkind. Owen had made me so afraid I was unlovable that I’d forgotten there were already plenty of people who did love me. I’d pushed away my true friends for a guy who made me hate myself. I wasn’t smart at all. I was an idiot — a pathetic, desperate, idiot.

Once Libby realizes that they do, in fact, have a point, that she has changed quite a bit, she agrees to partake in this intervention. With the help of the local coffee shop guy, Adam, Libby will confront her feelings for Owen and try her best to overcome them. But it’s hard to stop seeing someone cold turkey when the sex is fantastic, right?

I loved this geeky group of characters. Libby’s friends really pulled together to help her deal with her difficulties. My favorite character though was Adam. I loved how much he cared for Libby, even though she was going through a difficult time and not really treating her friends correctly. Their flirting was so middle-schoolish and it gave me such giggles. I loved how sweet and adorably they bantered back and forth, constantly flirting, yet hesitant to cross the line to something more.

We were toying with something explosive, and it was only a matter of time before we ignited.

The parental in this story was pretty amazing. As younger parents who were bothered by their overprotective parents, Libby’s parents took the underprotective route. Though I don’t agree with that parenting style often, I liked how much they did agree to let Libby make her mistakes, which she could learn from, rather than telling her what to do and how to do it. They also weren’t afraid to admit when they made a mistake, which was quite refreshing.

“Sometimes the hardest thing about being a parent is letting your kids make their own mistakes.”

I really liked the snowboarding and skateboarding addition to this story as well. Geeky characters that are also wonderful at sports really caught my attention. I liked how these characters had many flaws, but also many talents and positive attributes as well. Geeks CAN like sports… and even be phenomenal players as well!

Though this series is companion novels, I do wish I had read The Avery Shaw Experiment first since they do refer to the same characters. I really loved Avery in this one, so I’m sure reading her story would be even more entertaining. I’ll be sure to check that one out as well.

I did have a few issues with this story in a general sense. It didn’t wow me, though not many YA contemps like this really have that wow factor. I also felt a few pieces of the story came together a bit too easily to be realistic, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. But aside from that, I really did like this story for the most part, and I think many others will enjoy it as well.

“I’ve found that usually the more difficult something is, the more important it is.”

The humorous banter between these extremely-likable characters made for a really fun read. Despite the characters being flawed, their personalities were the type that readers can’t help but route for. You really, truly want these characters to figure it all out. Fluffy, fun and funny… can’t beat that combination!


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About Kelly Oram

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen–a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.


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Have you read any of these books in the Science Squad series? Do you enjoy geeky, funny characters as much as I do?




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  • Abby sounds like one of those boy-crazy characters that might drive me nuts. I like the sound of Adam though. πŸ™‚

    • Adam was so adorable!!!

  • I haven’t read any of the other books in this series but this one definitely strikes my fancy!

    • That’s great! This was definitely a fun read. πŸ™‚

  • Valerie Pennington

    I’ve heard that her books are so fun! I would love to read a fun book right about now. πŸ™‚

    • Fun books are fantastic, especially when you’re in the mood for one! I hope you enjoy this one too!! πŸ™‚

  • This is such a fantastic review, Lisa! I know that Bee is a massive Kelly Oram fan so I really want to read some of her books, and I’m think of starting with this series. It looks so adorable.

    • Haha Bee’s the one who recommended this to me! <3

  • Oh wow this book (and series) sounds like so much fun! I love these fun companion series that feature different characters in each book. I love the sound of the Science Squad and I hope there are many geeky moments in the books! I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

  • So I have read one book by Kelly Oram which was Cinder and Ella and I LOVED it like crazy! I know you did have a few issues with this one, but the more I read, the more I knew I was going to really enjoy it myself. I like the sound of a geeky but sporty character and the way her parents approach things as well.

  • Sarah Cone

    I think it’s important to address how you shouldn’t lose yourself or become obsessedobsessed when in a relationship; this is a good lesson for youth (boys& girls alike) to learn! Interested to see how the writer instills this in her main character!

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