2016 Debut Author Bash: Interview with Katherine Fleet!

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Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you all a fun interview with the author of The Secret to Letting Go, Katherine Fleet! The Secret to Letting Go is a YA contemporary that released in February of this year. I just finished reading it, and guys, it was really, really good!! I hope you’ll all check it out as well. I’ll be posting my review later this week, so keep your eyes out for that as well. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the interview!


Hi Katherine!! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today!! 🙂

First of all, congrats on your debut novel, The Secret to Letting Go!! I’m dying to read it myself.

Awww…thanks, and thanks so much for having me here. I’ve been following your posts and reviews for a while and love reading them. Of course, I also love your gorgeous IG pics!

How would you describe The Secret to Letting Go in just one sentence?

One sentence? Hmmm. I’d say it’s an emotional, contemporary YA about two broken characters – Clover, a girl who is alone, homeless and looking for a place to finally fit in, and Daniel, the boy who saves her.

As far as writing, where do you write the most often? What’s your writing process like? (i.e.: Are you extremely structured, writing certain hours of the day, every day? Or do you binge write, writing several chapters in one big chunk of time without a break?

Great question. I am definitely a binge writer, and I’m envious of the people who can write a small chunk every day. I write a couple of times a week for longer periods. I often write at the local McCafe for up to 6 hours at a time. The ladies who work there know my order by heart

What would we find in your writer’s “survival kit”?

I am definitely a creature of habit. I only ever write on my laptop, and I need music, my favorite earbuds, and my favorite tea (Earl Grey).

What do you consider the most difficult part of your story to write? (i.e.: The beginning, the middle, or the end? Maybe a specific scene?)

I always struggle with the very ending of a story. For most of my stories, including The Secret to Letting Go, there were at least four different versions of the ending. It’s the very last words a reader sees. So, I feel a lot of pressure to get them right. It’s a challenge to not rush them, drag them out, or make them too sentimental. It’s definitely a balance I stew over.

I’m a self-proclaimed “Cover Girl” and I ADORE beautiful covers. Yours is stunning!! I can truly appreciate the time and attention that goes into choosing the PERFECT cover. As far as your cover goes, did you have any say in the process? What was your first reaction to this beautiful cover?

Thanks so much! I had some basic ideas for the cover, which I shared with Entangled. I wanted it to include Clover and the beach, but there are so many ways to interpret these two elements. So my vision was very different from the cover they developed. When I first saw it, I was a little ‘disoriented’, but it didn’t take long for it to grow on me. Now, I love it and can’t imagine anything else.

The Secret to Letting Go sounds like it has a bit of a mystery aspect to it. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

There is an element of mystery, but it’s not a crime-solving, Nancy Drew type story. It’s more about the mystery that accompanies secrets. When Clover shows up in Daniel’s hometown, homeless and alone, she refuses to share any information about her past. Based on her actions and words, it’s clear to everyone that she’s been through something terrible. Her refusal to trust Daniel or his family with the truth becomes a major obstacle to her happiness.

It also seems to touch upon abuse. How was it to write such a sensitive issue in a book?

I would say that the book is not about abuse, but about surviving and recovering from trauma and learning to really live again. While there are a couple of flashback scenes, I wrote about a main character who had already escaped an emotionally abusive situation and, with the help of a new community of people, learned to let go of the past. To me, this made the story more touching and hopeful.

What’s been the most rewarding aspect to writing your first novel? Any favorite book moment?

The most rewarding part? Seeing readers and reviewers connect with my story and characters. When reviewers talk about Daniel and Clover, they often see and feel things that I didn’t consciously plan. So, in a way, the story has taken on a life of its own, independent of my imagination. That’s a wild, surreal realization. My favorite moment was definitely when I received my first fan e-mail from a teenage reader. That made my year!

What can we expect to see from you next? 🙂

I’ve just finished a YA set in South Carolina in 1962. It’s about a young New York socialite who falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of town and is struggling with family secrets and tragedy of her own. I’m hoping my agent will be going out on submission with it soon.

Which other 2016 debuts have you read and enjoyed?

A 2016 debut that I’m really excited to read is The Love that Split the World. I just received my copy a few weeks ago and can’t wait to dive into it.


coffee or tea? Tea, no hesitation.
superheroes or wizards? Superheroes, especially Henry Cavill as Superman!
salty or sweet? Sweet.
hardcover or paperback? Paperback. I love the feel of the covers.
bad boy or sweetheart? I married a bad boy, which probably answers that question

That’s a wrap, Katherine! Thank you again so much for stopping by Lost in Lit today! It was such a pleasure to have you spend this time with us!!

Huge thanks again for having me here. It’s been fun!

2016 Debut Author Bash: Interview with Katherine Fleet!The Secret to Letting Go
by Katherine Fleet
Release Date: February 1st 2016
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Find It: GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble

One summer can change everything...

Haunted with guilt after his girlfriend’s death, Daniel Hudson has no interest in committing to anyone. At the end of the summer, he’ll be leaving Florida for a new start in college. If only he could avoid the mysterious new girl in town, who seems every bit as naive and eccentric as she looks. Trouble is, she’s hard to ignore, with her beautiful piercing eyes, pitiful-looking dog, and unsettling tendency of finding trouble.

Clover Scott lived her whole life off the grid and arrives on the Gulf coast in search of her grandparents. She never expected to nearly drown, or get caught in a hurricane, or fall in love with the boy who rescues her. Now, she has a chance to rewrite her life’s story, to finally fit in somewhere, but Daniel wants answers about her past. When the police start asking questions about the disappearance of her parents, she must make a choice: go to jail or confess her secrets—even if they might destroy her chance at a happily-ever-after.


About Katherine Fleet

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Katherine Fleet moved with her family to the Caribbean island of Curaçao in 2007. The slower pace of island life gave her time to pursue a long-time goal - becoming an author. When she’s not writing, she spends her time baking, chauffeuring her three amazing, talented kids around, and having sun-filled adventures with her wonderful friends. She is a member of RWA™ and several of its chapters. She also loves NaNoWriMo and is an active supporter of the associated Young Writers Program. She is represented by super-agent Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. The Secret to Letting Go is her debut novel.

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Have you read The Secret to Letting Go? What did you think? If you haven’t read it yet, is it something you’re interested in reading?



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    • Thanks so much, Melissa! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for joining the 2016 Debut Authors Bash!


    • Thanks for the invite, Nichole! I’ve loved bouncing to the different posts. 🙂

  • Just wanted to add my thanks:) I loved working with you on this interview!

    • Thank YOU so much, Katherine!! I look forward to more from you in the future! ♥

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