Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman \\ All the Summertime Fun!

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Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman \\ All the Summertime Fun!Girl Out of Water
by Laura Silverman
Release Date: May 2nd 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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Anise Sawyer plans to spend every minute of summer with her friends: surfing, chowing down on fish tacos drizzled with wasabi balsamic vinegar, and throwing bonfires that blaze until dawn. But when a serious car wreck leaves her aunt, a single mother of three, with two broken legs, it forces Anise to say goodbye for the first time to Santa Cruz, the waves, her friends, and even a kindling romance, and fly with her dad to Nebraska for the entire summer. Living in Nebraska isn’t easy. Anise spends her days caring for her three younger cousins in the childhood home of her runaway mom, a wild figure who’s been flickering in and out of her life since birth, appearing for weeks at a time and then disappearing again for months, or even years, without a word.

Complicating matters is Lincoln, a one-armed, charismatic skater who pushes Anise to trade her surfboard for a skateboard. As Anise draws closer to Lincoln and takes on the full burden and joy of her cousins, she loses touch with her friends back home – leading her to one terrifying question: will she turn out just like her mom and spend her life leaving behind the ones she loves

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GIRL OUT OF WATER is the perfect coming-of-age YA story that will having your swooning and dreaming of a teenage summer romance big time. I’m well past my teenage years, but let me tell you, this book had me dreaming of those summers I always wanted as a teen. Whether it’s on a beach or, in this case, at a skateboarding park, meeting that adorable boy that makes your heart flutter is ALWAYS a “beach read win” in my opinion!

Anise has plans to spend her summer with her friends, surfing and joining in on all the usual summertime sun that they’ve experienced together every year.

But when her father informs her that they will be leaving the comfort of Santa Cruz and heading to Nebraska, she’s less than enthusiastic. Her aunt has suffered a terrible accident and is still in the hospital. Once we returns home, she will still need a lot of help with her three children… and this is where Anise and her father come into play. Family comes first, and it’s really no question where they will be spending their summer. So they immediately move to Nebraska to help with the family, and Anise’s summer dreams are crushed.

There’s so much packed into this story it’s truly extraordinary. First I felt the family-comes-first vibes pretty strongly, and it was wonderful seeing how this family sticks together through thick and thin, no matter what. I also adored the relationship Anise had with her father. As a single dad, he definitely deserves major Parent Points for the wonderful upbringing and important values he’s instilling in his daughter. Anise has been with her father solely since her mother left. Her mother is a bit of a traveler. She’s always on the go, and stops in every once in a while, then ups and leaves again. Anise is struggling with the abandonment and rejection she feels with regards to her mother’s absense. I adore her father and how he deals with all of this. It’s truly remarkable, and I wish there were more YA book fathers like this out there.

GIRL OUT OF WATER is sure to leave an impact with you as well with how it addresses disabilities, and the desire of people with disabilities to be treated just like everyone else. The way Laura Silverman handled this topic was perfect, in my opinion. What a realistic and accurate portrayal of a teenager with disabilities, as well as a teenager interacting with someone with disabilities. It will definitely have you thinking, that’s for sure.

I am completely shocked that this is Laura Silverman’s debut novel. The way she writes is that of an extremely seasoned author. I love finding debuts like this… where you immediately click with the author and you just know that you’ve found a new auto-buy favorite to add to your list. Laura Silverman just gets me, and I totally get her too!

I’m such a huge fan of contemporary YA. My favorite sub-genre tends to be the summertime YA reads. I just can’t get enough! GIRL OUT OF WATER had strong Sarah Dessen and Morgan Matson vibes, and left me longing for a teenage summer (and romance!) once more. This is definitely one that I’d recommend for your summer TBRs!
Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for sending me a paperback copy of this book!


Currently on Amazon, you can purchase a paperback copy of GIRL OUT OF WATER for only $7.55!


About Laura Silverman

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. I love dogs, stationary, TV, an epic amount of bubble bath, and books (surprise!). I live with undiagnosed chronic pain. You can read a little about it here.

My debut novel, GIRL OUT OF WATER, is a summery coming-of-age story about a California surfer girl sent to landlocked Nebraska for the entire summer. It debuts from Sourcebooks Fire in May 2017. You can order it from most book retailers and of course request it at your local library!

I have degrees in English and Advertising from the University of Georgia, and I have an MFA in Writing for Children from the New School. While I lived in NYC, I interned at Penguin and two different literary agencies, and I used to freelance edit novels and query letters almost full-time. Lately my chronic pain and novel writing limits my freelance work, but I still love doing it when I’m able, so please check out my services if you’re interested! I particularly love editing query letters!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! If you ever want to talk about books, chronic pain, TV shows that should still be on air, or anything else, please feel free to reach out!

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  • I started reading this but I couldn’t get into it and didn’t connect with the main character so I put it aside for now. I might try again some time.

  • I can’t wait to read this one. I LOVE Sara Silverman. She’s amazing and always brightens my TL on Twitter. I’m so glad you loved it!

  • Fangirl_life29

    I love this book so much!! So glad you liked it!

  • So great to find another person who loved this book as much as I did! It was so addictive and once I started reading it, it was impossible to put down! I cannot wait to read more of Silverman’s works and I’ll be recommending this amazing read to EVERYONE now!

    xx Anisha @ Sprinkled Pages