Blog Tour + Giveaway: Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Until It Fades by K.A. TuckerUntil It Fades
by K.A. Tucker
Release Date: June 27th 2017
Publisher: Atria Books
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Format: ARC, Paperback
Source: Publisher
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Twenty-four-year-old truck stop waitress and single mother Catherine Wright has simple goals: to give her five-year-old daughter a happy life and to never again be the talk of the town in Balsam, Pennsylvania (population three thousand outside of tourist season).

And then one foggy night, on a lonely road back from another failed date, Catherine saves a man’s life. It isn’t until after the police have arrived that Catherine realizes exactly who it is she has rescued: Brett Madden, hockey icon and media darling.

Catherine has already had her fifteen minutes of fame and the last thing she wants is to have her past dragged back into the spotlight, only this time on a national stage. So she hides her identity. It works. For a time.

But when she finds the man she saved standing on her doorstep, desperate to thank her, all that changes. There’s an immediate connection, and it’s more electric than the bond of two people who endured a traumatic event. It’s something neither of them expected. Something that Catherine isn’t sure she can handle; something she is afraid to trust.

Because how long can an extraordinary man like Brett be interested in an ordinary woman like Catherine...before the spark fades?

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Many of you know that both Lisa and I are HUGE KA Tucker fans! We have been eagerly anticipating this book since the second we heard of it! I was very excited that Tucker was returning to the NA contemporary world, after all I fell in love with her writing during the Ten Tiny Breaths series! Don’t get me wrong, her romantic suspense novels are just as amazing but I was very excited for a new contemporary! The synopsis for this book immediately hooked me! It had all of the elements of a modern day Cinderella story!

Catherine Wright has not had the easiest life, at the age of 24 she is a single Mom who waitresses full time to take care of her five year old daughter. After a rocky start in her teen years, she is determined to leave the gossip and the rumors in the past and provide her daughter with a happy, safe and private life. All of that changes when she discovers a horrible car accident on her way home on a dark and foggy night and saves a strangers life. Once the police arrive on the scene Catherine returns to her home and her daughter, hoping to keep her identity private to avoid any media attention. Which ends up being virtually impossible because the person that she saved is Brett Madden, hockey superstar and heart throb. Oh yeah and his Mother is a world famous actress as well! When Brett shows up on her front porch to thank her,  they form an instant connection but Catherine does not want to admit that it could be more… because it seems to good to be true and Catherine does not want herself or her daughter back under the media spotlight.

I absolutely loved Catherine, she made mistakes in her past and learned from them and she was trying her best to build a life for herself and her daughter. She was hard working, kind and a dedicated Mother who put her daughter first in every way. I enjoyed how Tucker added some flashes into Catherine’s past, these flashbacks gave us a full understanding of who she was and of her family dynamic. She is the type of character that you just root for, you hope and pray that she (and her daughter) will get the happy ending they deserve.

Now for Brett… holy Swoon!! Brett was this mega hockey star, with a famous Mother, loads of money and every possible thing going his way. Yet somehow, he was generous, kind, warm hearted and humble. He was so sweet to Catherine and her daughter, he was ready to fulfill their every dream to make them happy. It was so charming and endearing and he totally stole my heart!

The romance between Brett and Catherine was so sweet and gave me all of the warm fuzzies. Until it Fades is the kind of contemporary romance that leaves you with a huge smile on your face and happiness in your heart! I loved every heart warming second!

Another great part of this story was the secondary characters. They were just as well developed as the primary characters and were so important to the story. Catherine’s friends, Mindy and Keith, her parents and siblings and Brett’s family too. Each played such an important role and really made the book for me.

Once again KA Tucker has blown me away! I always find myself wrapped up and immersed into her writing, her character development and her story telling. She is a favorite Author of mine and always will be! Until it Fades just made me love her more! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!


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So if you guys know me and Becca at all, you know our diehard love for all things K.A. Tucker. We’ve devoured every book she’s written. KAT is one of those authors that never disappoints us. When we read the synopsis for Until it Fades very early on and found out that it was going to be more of a light-hearted and easy contempt, we were excited to see where she’d take this type of story. The Ten Tiny Breaths series and Burying Water series are intense, drama-filled and all kinds of amazing. He Will Be My Ruin was a total turnaround being a suspense with little to no romance. That was one of my favorite reads of that year. Now we have Until it Fades, which was a totally adorable contemporary summertime romance book. Another fantastic book by our fave!

Catherine is the type of character I really relate to, especially at this time in my life. She hasn’t had the easiest past few years. After a scandal with her art teacher while she was in high school, she was left the joke of their small town. Everyone had their opinions, and none of them were favorable. It took Catherine a long time to get over that humiliation and move on with her life. She was also became pregnant during the scandal time, so that simply added to the town’s gossip. Since that time she’s raised her daughter solely on her own, working her butt off as a waitress at a local diner. With little to no time for herself, her entire life has revolved around her daughter.

When Catherine finds herself at the right place at the right time (or wrong place at the right time, however you may see it.) she’s able to save someone from a terrible car accident in which they easily could have died without her involvement. After the fact, she finds out that the person she saved was a very famous hockey player. She’s finds herself in the limelight once again and it terrifies her. Catherine is struggling with her trust issues and learning to be the center of attention again, and she’s hating it all. She just wants her life to go back to “normal”. But is that really possible? And is that really what she wants?

I really enjoyed the sweetness of this story and how well these characters were fleshed out. Both Catherine and Brett were such extraordinary characters. I loved how their insecurities and issues actually made them stronger, and they didn’t use them as a crutch to do things wrongly. I loved the connection they had together, which was completely swoony and impossible not to smile while witnesses. And it doesn’t stop there. The secondary characters were just as incredible! From their friends to their family members, each and every one played such an important part in this story and in these characters’ lives.

I can’t say enough good things about K.A. Tucker’s writing. If you’re a romance fan of any type, definitely try her books. Whether it’s for more of an intense emotional roller-coaster right (like Ten Tiny Breaths) or a romance filled with some mystery and drama (like Burying Water), these books are so incredible and have so much going for them. There’s a reason I shove them in everyone’s hands that I can. They’re really THAT good! I have a feeling that Becca and I will FOREVER be K.A. Tucker fangirls. ♥


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About K.A. Tucker

K.A. Tucker is the author of He Will Be My Ruin and the Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series. She currently resides outside of Toronto with her husband, two beautiful girls, and a Chug.


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  • This one is definitely on my TBR list. I’ve been seeing it around everywhere lately and it sounds so good! Glad to see you enjoyed it! Great review!